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Blog originally posted on 17/07/2015 01:30 PM

stand-back-magellanIn 1519 Ferdinand Magellan set sail on an expedition to be the first person to successfully cross the Pacific Ocean. Relying heavily on the navigational technology of his time he would have depended upon instruments such as hour glasses, palnispheres, quadrants and compasses, all of which would have been considered high technology.

When we think of navigation today, we again turn to Magellan. Only now Magellan is a 4 x 6 inch GPS unit you can plug into your car and get directions to just about anywhere. Why wouldn’t you? For a relatively low cost, you can take what used to be a magnifying glass and a map, and assure your safe arrival at your chosen destination. You input a few key pieces of data, hit a few buttons, and in no time you are where you want to be.

Wouldn’t it be great if Free Trade Solicitation were that easy? What if there were a system out there that allowed you to automatically solicit your supply base for almost any Free Trade Agreement, in the world? What if all you had to do was input a few key data elements, hit a few buttons and collect the FTA information and certificates electronically? Wouldn’t it be great if that system created a fully executed and signed FTA Certificate? Can you imagine if such a system existed?

Enter FTANavigator by Tradewin. Over the past two years our team has worked to develop a solution to the typically manual task of FTA solicitation. Gone are the days of faxes and pdf copies of certificates. There is NO longer a need to manually enter the FTA information from your suppliers into a database. FTANavigator is a propriety web based tool that allows companies to efficiently and cost effectively collect solicitation data from their supply base.

More than that, Tradewin has the knowledge and know-how to support your Classification and FTA Programs from solicitation to qualification and all the way through certification. Made of up highly experienced FTA professionals and Licensed Customs Brokers, Tradewin’s Free Trade Team is dedicated to you and your company’s compliance program. With a tailor made approach to each client, Tradewin crafts a solution to meet your company’s specific compliance needs. When it comes to compliance, one size doesn’t fit all.

Happy Navigating!

Learn More: Watch the FTANavigator Video

The Tradewin Team

Written by The Tradewin Team

Since 1997, Tradewin has been providing expert import and export advice to clients all over the world. Combined, our skilled team of Customs brokers, lawyers, accountants and other professionals possess more than 400 years of experience. Together, we've helped thousands of clients save more than $50 million in duties, guiding them through the ever-changing and complex arena of international regulations as effortlessly as possible.