CBSA Issues Upholstered Domestic Seating Dumping and Subsidizing Determination

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The cost of importing upholstered domestic seating just increased significantly with provisional tariffs of up to 295.5%.

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Electronic Appeal Platform Introduced In Malaysia

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What used to be a tedious manual way of filing a review application for many traders has now finally shifted online.

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New C-TPAT Minimum Security Criteria Retrospective

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As 2020 winds down, the first year of C-TPAT’s new Minimum Security Criteria (MSC) is coming to a close. The new MSC’s went into effect at the beginning of the year, and in early June, the C-TPAT portal was updated to reflect these new criteria. Having worked with several C-TPAT members as they updated their programs, there are a handful of observations and best practices that I wanted to share.

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