Free Trade Agreements Post-Brexit

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March and April were stressful for EU-based Trade Compliance professionals. The threat of a looming no-deal Brexit caused many of us to spend countless hours watching the news, waiting for concrete feedback on the future state of the UK-EU trading relationship. 

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Tariffs Are Coming... 3 Things to Know Today

Trade Changes

After what seemed like a relatively calm few weeks in International Trade (relatively speaking), the winds have suddenly picked up, catching many off guard this morning and wondering if we were simply in the eye of the storm all this time. So, what happened? 

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Spotlight on South East Asia

Same Same-1

As I sat along the streets of Hanoi one winter morning in January, observing the patrons at surrounding tables over a bowl of phở, I couldn’t help but notice a familiar sight. From the fragrant yellow teas in Vietnam to the thick sweet milk varieties of Bangkok and Jakarta, same same – to borrow a popular Thai catchphrase, communal tea drinking seems to be the common thread binding 600 million inhabitants who call South East Asia (“SEA”) home.

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5 Lessons in the First Year of Reconciliation in ACE

ACE Training

It has been almost one year since the industry filed its first reconciliation entry in ACE. While there have been many hurdles and many successes, we thought that we would share our top 5 lessons of what we have learned so far.

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Being on Top of Asia Regulatory Changes and Updates

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Staying abreast of the customs and trade regulatory changes in Asia can be a challenge from many aspects:

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