The Tradewin Team

The Tradewin Team
Since 1997, Tradewin has been providing expert import and export advice to clients all over the world. Combined, our skilled team of Customs brokers, lawyers, accountants and other professionals possess more than 400 years of experience. Together, we've helped thousands of clients save more than $50 million in duties, guiding them through the ever-changing and complex arena of international regulations as effortlessly as possible.

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Going to the Source [PODCAST]

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This week we feature The Expeditors Podcast with host Chris Parker. The podcast shares observations, perspectives, and discussions on front-of-mind topics impacting the logistics and freight-forwarding industry through the lens of Expeditors, a global logistics provider. Expeditors generates highly optimized and customized supply chain solutions for their clients with unified technology systems integrated through a global network of 357 locations in 60+ countries on six continents.

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"The Right" HS Code – Classification in Asia

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This is one of those scenario’s we see all the time:

Asia Customs Broker: Hello, Mr. Ahmad, we are sorry. The customs documentation cannot be completed because we are missing the HS codes. Can you provide us with the correct one so that we can proceed with the permit application and import declaration, please?

Logistics Employee:Can’t you check our previous shipments? This is not the first time we have imported similar materials into our warehouse! You should have all the details!

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Don’t Throw the Baby Out With the Bathwater: Benefits of Free Trade

113016-freetrade-2.pngRecently there have been a lot of headlines about who will do what when it comes to trade. In the U.S. a big piece of the recent election turned to “protection” of industries, workers, etc. In fairness, I’m a free trade kinda guy. It directly pays my salary. I’m willing to bet there are a number of people who don’t realize their salary, in part at least, is also subject to free trade.

Free trade agreements don’t just work for goods that cross borders, they also play in a lot of other arenas. For instance, the service sector, which includes remediation of disputes, human rights, fair labor standards and practices.

Ever wonder why we haven’t had any “major” conflicts in the past 70 odd years? Trade in general and free trade specifically have a lot to do with it. Why would you want to go to war with your biggest customers?

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Classification - A Necessary Evil


Accuracy of your HTS classifications is as important as ever.  Have you reviewed your current classification database? Are you aware there could be fines and penalties for incorrect tariff codes.  Coming up, Tradewin will have a two part blog series outlining the importance of accuracy, but first, a reminder of why it is so important!

HTS Classification is a necessary evil. Unfortunately, it is an evil that must be revisited often. There are various ways to approach harmonized tariff classification from doing it yourself, hiring a third party service provider, or just putting the pages up on the wall and throwing darts at it to determine which HTS Classification to use.  (While the last one is a great way to relieve the stress of classification, I personally would not recommend this method).

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What Do You Know About the 9801 Changes?


You may have missed it but on February 24, 2016, H.R. 644 became public law. What is H.R. 644 you ask? It is the Trade Facilitation and Trade Enforcement Act of 2015.

Great. More rules. And largely with a focus on CBP, ICE and the GAO. Snooze.

But for importers there really is some awesome news!

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