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Blog originally posted on 13/01/2016 07:30 AM

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Recently I assisted a client with a particularly difficult and rarely used provision of the NAFTA agreement. It involved a tariff shift rule and list of exceptions that, when coupled with a specific production process, became problematic. 

Prior to contacting Tradewin, the client had a Free Trade ‘expert’ look at the provision of NAFTA and the challenge they were facing. The ‘expert’ came to a very detailed and long winded way of creating massive amounts of work for the client. While the analysis was technically correct for the issue, ultimately it did not fit the bill for the client. 

When you’re dealing with something as complicated as a Free Trade agreement you want the quickest, easiest, and most compliant solution. A company needs to have a level of confidence in whoever is performing the task. It’s necessary to know you have the right kind of expert who has actual experience with Free Trade qualification. These issues can and do involve trade secrets, material cost structures, manufacturing process, etc. Companies love “the bottom line” and the faster you get there with the least amount of legal exposure the better.


The best piece of advice that I can give to a company that deals in Free Trade is to hire someone who knows what they are doing. You want someone who has “boots” on the ground and does real qualification every day. Not someone who claims to be an expert, but in reality hasn’t touched a bill of material for the better part of the last decade. At Tradewin, we always look for the simplest solution for our client’s needs. 

As for our client, he was very happy that he could sleep again; I bet you will be to.

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Blog originally posted on 13/01/2016 07:30 AM

The Tradewin Team

Written by The Tradewin Team

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