Tradewin Competes in Korean Customs Competition

Posted by Kim SeungMahn
Blog originally posted on 15/06/2022 06:45 AM

Tradewin Competes in Korean Customs Competition

Last May, the National Competition for Customs Valuation and HS Classification was held by CVCI (Customs Valuation & Classification Institute, affiliated organization of Korea Customs Service).

A total of 369 people, including 21 organizations, participated in the HS Classification competition, and 271 people, including 11 organizations, participated in the Customs Valuation competition.

 Tradewin Korea won 1st place in the Customs Valuation team competition and 2nd place in the HS Classification team competition.

Since Tradewin Korea was established in early 2016, the Korea team has continuously participated in the annual National Competitions for the most important and complicated topics in Customs & Trade Compliance field, i.e., Customs Valuation and HS Classification.

We repeatedly participate in this competition for two important reasons:

  1. Sometimes, it’s challenging to show our professionalism, competency, and capability because we don't sell tangible items to our clients. Nonetheless, we must explain how good our products (services) are. If products/services are recognized or certified by a competent agency or authority, they gain authorized trust. Participating in this competition helps us achieve this.

    But personally, I think this second reason is more important to us.

  2. Most people want to develop and grow in their profession. Development means that we are getting out of our comfort zone. Although it requires more effort and sometimes leads to pain, the sense of accomplishment when we come out of it allows us to grow, develop, and motivate ourselves.

So I would like to celebrate our scores and our ongoing passion and spirit. I must mention my team members Soojung Kim, Jin Ham, Don Kim, and Sungtaek Hwang. I respect their passion for professionalism, and I am so glad to go through this journey with them.

And special thanks to Marko and Mike, as they are my great supporters anytime, anywhere.

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Blog originally posted on 15/06/2022 06:45 AM

Kim SeungMahn

Written by Kim SeungMahn

General Manager of Tradewin Korea, Professional Trade Compliance Consulting Services