Trade Compliance of Visual Merchandise Slips under the Radar

Blog originally posted on 07/11/2018 04:04 PM

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For most retailers, the focus on trade compliance is usually on store merchandise. Most overlook the fact that the compliance of visual merchandise (furniture, lighting, store décor, etc.) is just as important if they are imported from overseas and the company/brand acts as the importer-of-record to those goods.

Assigning the proper HS code, making use of tariff preferences, identifying risks of non-compliance or opportunities for duty savings… all that applies to the regular merchandise are just as applicable to the visuals.

To some extent, the compliance risk of visual merchandise could be more significant due to the higher value, potentially shorter lead time and scarcer quantities of those items (if you are rushing for a store opening!).

Lighting fixtures, wooden furniture, and the like could also be subject to licensing requirements or anti-dumping cases that are not applicable to general merchandise.

Ensuring the company’s brokers and logistics team understands the customs implications of the visual items is essential to managing overall trade compliance. 

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Blog originally posted on 07/11/2018 04:04 PM

Queena Lau - General Manager, Hong Kong & Taiwan

Written by Queena Lau - General Manager, Hong Kong & Taiwan

Queena manages our Tradewin Hong Kong team and has over 14 years of AP regional trade compliance experience. In her current role, Queena also supports the Taiwan market, assisting businesses to understand and navigate US Customs requirements. Prior to joining Tradewin in 2017, Queena worked in the customs and trade practice of a Big 4 firm in Shanghai and Hong Kong. Queena has experience in customs defense and planning projects in the areas of customs valuation, origin, duty savings optimization, and supply chain trade compliance management. Apart from strategic consulting, she also manages regional trade operations services that add value to companies’ day-to-day supply chains and overall trade compliance. Queena is a speaker at external events and has held multiple workshops on regional trade compliance topics. She was a co-author for one of the sections in the book Governance, Risk and Compliance Management in China for German companies. Queena graduated from the University of New South Wales with double majors in Business Economics and Finance. She is also a certified member of CPA.