Trade and Tradewin in 2023 and Beyond

Posted by Michael Bellezza
Blog originally posted on 26/06/2023 07:35 AM

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The pace of change and increasing complexity in international trade has continued to gather speed and momentum as we get further into 2023 and shows little signs of abating. While, in some cases, the volume of goods crossing borders has stabilized, the regulatory intricacies of maintaining a resilient supply chain have grown exponentially for both customers and service providers.


With the lessons of Brexit, Covid, and the Trade War (let alone the ship that was stuck in the Suez) in hand, many companies are rethinking their legacy strategies related to globalization. Companies are incorporating national, regional, and global risks into their resiliency plans, with an eye out for some of the known risks on the horizon, such as geo-political tensions related to the war in Ukraine, worsening trade relations with some of the largest economies in the world, as well as unforeseen risks such as extreme weather events. These factors lead to new initiatives around in-shoring, nearshoring, friend-shoring, and regionalization.


On the trade services side specific to Tradewin, we also must take these risks into consideration and build them into our business plans to account for the future needs of our customers. Over the last 10 years, we've endeavored to organically build our global team, which now spans over 18 countries and 30 cities around the world. As we continue our evolution, our theme over the next few years will center around Depth and Breadth of Services. Tradewin will work to stay in lockstep with our customers' needs in terms of new service needs, increased capacity in our existing teams, new tools and technologies, and a wider geographic footprint where we can support our customers in additional regions such as Latin America and Southeast Asia.


When we look over the horizon, we recognize that we must prepare for our customers' future initiatives and changing strategies as they wrestle with new manufacturing requirements in new production locations while complying with new import regulations and additional export control regimes. Aligning their systems and resources to accomplish those changes is paramount to their success. Our ability to anticipate those future client initiatives and needs will drive our own success.


As we move towards the middle years of the decade, the pace of change in international trade will continue that relentless acceleration. In summary, our goals around Depth and Breadth of Services is to continuously evolve with the changing needs of our customers and ensure they have the available Tradewin tools, resources, and expertise to support a successful and resilient supply chain. We're looking forward to the journey.

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Blog originally posted on 26/06/2023 07:35 AM

Michael Bellezza

Written by Michael Bellezza

Before joining Tradewin in 2010 as Principal of the US Consulting Practice, Michael had worked for Expeditors for 8 years in a wide variety of management positions including Customs Brokerage Operations, Import & Export Compliance, Freight Forwarding, and Supply Chain Analytics. Michael is responsible for all aspects of Tradewin's global consulting practices in North America, Europe, Asia, and the South Pacific. He has a talent for bringing common sense solutions to complex regulatory scenarios. He specializes in building compliance programs, providing educational seminars and workshops, advising risk mitigation, and implementing duty reduction programs. Michael is a U.S. Licensed Customs Broker. He is IATA/FIATA certified and is a member of the International Compliance Professionals Association. He is a graduate of Boston College with a degree in Economics.