Looking Back on 2017

Posted by Michael Bellezza
Blog originally posted on 11/01/2018 04:43 PM

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2017 is in the books and was, by many accounts, a tumultuous year for the world. President Trump began his presidency that continues to transform world politics, the U.K. triggered Article 50 to begin the Brexit process, Mohammad bin Salam in Saudi Arabia is reshaping the Middle East, there is saber-rattling on the Korean Peninsula, and I have not even mentioned China.

Every corner of the world is experiencing a level and a speed of change and transition that we typically only see in wartime. There was also that solar eclipse in North America. How cool was that?

The evolution in business is happening just as fast with the advent of e-commerce vs. brick and mortar, Bitcoin and blockchain technology, the growing movement of electric cars and semi's, autonomous vehicles, energy advancements, and green tech.

The way we make products are changing, and perhaps more importantly, the way we buy and consume those products is changing.

Our business here at Tradewin is evolving just as fast. Faster if I'm doing my job right. 2017 will go down in Tradewin’s history as an important pivotal point, where we had some of our most significant expansion in services and geographic coverage.

We added staff and expertise throughout Asia in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, and Thailand. We added staff throughout the EU, particularly in France, and grew our existing teams in North America. This growth is a function of our customers' needs and asks, and it feels great to be able to fill those needs.

The consequences of major global events are not always immediately felt or experienced by the general public, however, those of us that work in the trenches of international trade are tasked with making sense of the chaos.

New trade agreements, regulatory changes, and increased sanctions offer new opportunities as well as risks to the business. Our job, in its simplest form, is to provide experience and knowledge to help companies continue to evolve and grow as the world around us changes.

In that regard, 2017 was a great year, and I am very much looking forward to the future.

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Blog originally posted on 11/01/2018 04:43 PM

Michael Bellezza

Written by Michael Bellezza

Before joining Tradewin in 2010 as Principal of the US Consulting Practice, Michael had worked for Expeditors for 8 years in a wide variety of management positions including Customs Brokerage Operations, Import & Export Compliance, Freight Forwarding, and Supply Chain Analytics. Michael is responsible for all aspects of Tradewin's global consulting practices in North America, Europe, Asia, and the South Pacific. He has a talent for bringing common sense solutions to complex regulatory scenarios. He specializes in building compliance programs, providing educational seminars and workshops, advising risk mitigation, and implementing duty reduction programs. Michael is a U.S. Licensed Customs Broker. He is IATA/FIATA certified and is a member of the International Compliance Professionals Association. He is a graduate of Boston College with a degree in Economics.