Happy International Customs Day from your friends at Tradewin!

Blog originally posted on 26/01/2024 07:45 AM


This is the day that we commemorate the first meeting of the World Customs Organization (WCO), which was held in 1953, as well as to honor the role Customs authorities play in the regulation of the movement of goods across borders, globally. The WCO is an organization that makes it their mission to provide leadership, guidance, and support to local and regional Customs administrations.

What are three ways you can enhance your engagement with Customs in 2024?

  1. Stay Updated: None of us are strangers to the fast-paced world of trade, where new regulations and additional sanctions occur on a regular basis. Staying updated includes reading the news, subscribing to newsletters, and keeping current with trade blogs – knowledge is power but also essential to managing a compliant supply chain.

  2. Be Intentional: When working with Customs authorities, you’ll find they highly value accurate, concise communication, in both written form as well as in the data presented on entries. Investing in your compliance program by either contracting an experienced third-party or through an increased focus on internally established compliance procedures will be key to conducting Customs business this year.

  3. Focus on Technology: We are experiencing interesting times with technological advances going into 2024. The increased frequency of cyber-attacks and the introduction of artificial intelligence into many aspects of the supply chain are two of many evolving risks to consider. Whatever process changes or adaptations your company may embrace, ensuring that your focus is on data security and compliance with the regulations should be a top priority.

Tradewin is here to support you along the way.

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Blog originally posted on 26/01/2024 07:45 AM

Cara Boulton, Senior Consultant – Global TradeDesk Programs and Strategic Accounts

Written by Cara Boulton, Senior Consultant – Global TradeDesk Programs and Strategic Accounts

After receiving a Bachelor of Arts from Sarah Lawrence College, Cara transitioned into a career in Supply Chain. Having worked for both Expeditors and Tradewin, Cara brings extensive experience in navigating the challenging landscape of global trading. She is a seasoned logistics professional who has held positions in various facets of the industry including Import Compliance, with an emphasis in Customs Brokerage, Partner Government Agencies, and Account Management. As a Consultant, Cara’s efforts are largely focused on projects related to marketing, business growth & development, and overseeing complex compliance services such as Tradewin’s Conflict Minerals program. Cara is based in Portland, Oregon.