Duty Drawback: Enabling International Trade Since 1789 [VIDEO]

Posted by Lawrence Tobia
Blog originally posted on 17/04/2024 07:45 AM


Duty Drawback is the United States’ oldest trade program in operation, dating back to 1789 when we were just a fledgling democracy determined to make our presence known on the world stage. The program’s intent then, as it is now, is to put American companies on a more level playing field with its international competition by driving out the cost of import tariffs and fees from its exported products.


Although conceptionally simple, in practice, the duty drawback program involves a myriad of laws, regulations, and exceptions to practically every rule. In addition, there are typically multiple claiming options and techniques that can produce significantly different recovery results.

That’s where Tradewin comes in. With US Drawback services as a core Tradewin product, we employ the industry’s most experienced drawback consultants with the know-how to manage complex, data-driven programs that maximize recovery while minimizing risk to the filer. Tradewin’s areas of drawback expertise include electronics, automotive, pharmaceuticals, metals, and petroleum to name a few. Utilizing proprietary drawback software designed and managed in-house, Tradewin efficiently recovers hundreds of millions in Customs duties & fees annually.

Not sure if you qualify for Drawback? Or perhaps you’d like a compliance & recovery assessment of your current program? Tradewin is ready to help.

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Blog originally posted on 17/04/2024 07:45 AM

Lawrence Tobia

Written by Lawrence Tobia

For more than 25 years, Larry has been working with the U.S. trade community designing, implementing and managing Customs duty and fee recovery programs. He's worked for companies in every industry, including automotive, chemical, retail, and pharmaceutical. Nearly half of that time was spent as the Vice President of a prominent drawback specialist and customhouse brokerage firm in New York City. Since 1999, Larry has been Principal for Drawback Services at Tradewin.