Customs Valuation - Award for Excellence

Posted by Kim SeungMahn
Blog originally posted on 07/12/2020 03:00 AM


In a recent competition regarding Customs Valuation, hosted by the Customs Valuation and Classification Institute under Korea Customs Services, our Tradewin Korea team won an Excellence Award.

The research paper prepared by Tradewin Korea presented and advocated solutions for Customs Valuation challenges arising from the emergence of complex trade transactions and rapidly evolving products, owing to technological advancement.

74 teams, consisting of individuals from various fields, including professional university professors, students, customs officers, and lawyers, participated in this competition to present their solutions to the issues under consideration.

Tradewin Korea’s submission secured an Excellence Award, well done team Tradewin.

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Topics: Asia, HS Classification

Blog originally posted on 07/12/2020 03:00 AM

Kim SeungMahn

Written by Kim SeungMahn

General Manager of Tradewin Korea, Professional Trade Compliance Consulting Services