How the Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) Program Can Help Your Company in the EU


The introduction of the Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) program in the European Union in 2008 brought exponential growth in this supply chain security program that has slowed as it has matured and the pool of non-AEO traders has declined. That growth curve is documented in this EU AEO valid Authorizations per year chart.

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Tradewin Expands to Vancouver, WA!

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Despite a somewhat sluggish global trade climate, Tradewin keeps growing! As international trade law and associated regulations change, the need for trade compliance and advisory services continues to increase at individual companies, as well as at an industry level. Tradewin will continue to invest in our network and facilities where our clients need us most.

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Becoming an Authorized Economic Operator in the EU (AEO). Is It Worth It?

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Acquiring an authorization, or as some would say, a certification proves that you have mastered a particular ability. You have spent time studying, understanding, and developing a skill set and are now authorized to apply that skill. You work towards these certifications throughout your life -- be it your Boy/Girl Scout badges, school diplomas, or your driving license.

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CBP Publishes Much-Anticipated Ruling on Continuing Education for LCB’s

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The much-anticipated final ruling on continuing education for Licensed Customs Brokers was announced on June 22, 2023. As expected, US Customs and Border Protection (CBP), will require brokers to complete 36 hours of continuing education each triennial reporting cycle, beginning with the cycle ending in 2027.

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Trade and Tradewin in 2023 and Beyond

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The pace of change and increasing complexity in international trade has continued to gather speed and momentum as we get further into 2023 and shows little signs of abating. While, in some cases, the volume of goods crossing borders has stabilized, the regulatory intricacies of maintaining a resilient supply chain have grown exponentially for both customers and service providers.

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