10 Things to Know About USMCA, the NAFTA 2.0

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It has been two years since the implementation of the United States – Mexico – Canada Free Trade Agreement. For those of you reading this outside of the US, the agreement is referred to in Canada as the Canada – United States – Mexico Agreement (CUSMA); and in Mexico, this agreement is referred to as Tratado entre México, Estados Unidos y Canadá (T-MEC). All three names refer to the same trade agreement.

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Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road...

stand-back-magellanA friend of mine was over a few weeks ago and while relaxing on the deck, the topic of EU Agriculture Regulation came up. I typically try to confine my weekend leisure discussions to things like how the NY Giants are doing, but alas, it was July. My friend is also a professor whose expertise lies in biotech regulation for EU member States, so I might have been out of my league. In a simultaneous attempt to confuse, amaze and distract, I brought up the US Chicken tax, one of the most obscure, draconian pieces of Trade Regulation I could come up with that somehow explains why we aren’t all driving German Pickup Trucks.

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