Importing PPE Articles into the EU

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The Covid-19 pandemic has produced disruption around the globe, causing governments to enforce lockdowns and place controls on essential equipment to protect vital medical supply chains. In the EU, the regulations surrounding the import and export of personal protective equipment (PPE) have forced industry professionals to pay attention to regulations that evolve in step with the crisis.

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25 Awesome Research Sites for the U.S. Compliance Connoisseur


When it comes to compliance, there are a multitude of things to juggle. I’m often asked for a link to one government site or another and there are certainly hundreds of sites to choose from.

Sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees.  Here is a list of websites that contain some basic guidelines for a laundry list of compliance issues. 

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Topics: Duty Drawback, Section 301

Section 301 Duty Recovery in a Pandemic


It’s been an extraordinary year in international trade. Higher duties, more complex supply chains driven by trade actions, and a pandemic that has left many businesses understaffed in important areas.

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Topics: Duty Drawback, Section 301

UK’s Independent Tariff Schedule


In preparation for Brexit, the United Kingdom (UK) has published its Common External Tariff, scheduled to take effect on January 1st, 2021, at the end of the transition period established in the EU Withdrawal Agreement Bill.

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Importing PPE into the US

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As we strive in the US to obtain enough personal protective equipment to keep first responders and the general populace safe, the rules for importing these essential items seem murky at best.  There is a lengthy list of PPE products flowing into the United States, so let’s target masks for today’s discussion.

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