Norman Lubeck

Norman Lubeck
Norm joined Tradewin in 2011, continuing a successful career in international logistics and trade compliance that began in 1987. He has held the position of Trade Counsel for a logistics management firm and managed the Trade Compliance departments for several multinational corporations. Norm's technical background includes Focused Assessment, C-TPAT implementation, Free Trade Agreement compliance, and expertise in a broad spectrum of international trade topics. Norm holds a B.A. from Middlebury College and a J.D. from Suffolk Law School. He is a licensed customs broker and is a member of the Massachusetts Bar.

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US Section 301 Duty Recovery via Liquidation Extension

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Importers seeking refunds of section 301 duties for exclusions that were issued after the subject entries have liquidated and after the protest period has expired may have difficulties in recovering those duties through any existing post-entry mechanism. One importer has even filed a suit at the Court of International Trade to compel CBP to reliquidate such entries so that they can benefit from the exclusions, but the result of that case is unknown at this time.

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Slave and Child Labor in Global Supply Chains

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The passage of the Trade Facilitation and Trade Enforcement Act of 2015 (signed in February 2016) seems to have prompted a renewed effort by CBP to enforce regulations regarding the importation of “Merchandise Produced By Convict, Forced, or Indentured Labor.”  We have seen many instances over the last few weeks where importers have received CF28s asking about steps the importer has taken to ensure that their supply chains are free of child, forced, or convict labor.  Some of the demands are exceedingly broad:

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Exceptions to the Rule


Regulations, rules, requirements – the life of an international trader bumps up against them all the time. It is our job to make sure that our organizations understand them, follow them, and stay out of trouble.

As soon as you have exhaustively explained how EVERYTHING that is imported into the U.S. must be marked with its country of origin, or how you can NEVER export anything to Cuba, or why you ALWAYS pay duty when you import something that some know-it-all brings up – the EXCEPTION.

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An End to the Cuban Embargo… Close, but No Cigar

An End to the Cuban Embargo... Close, but No CigarMaking a gasket for a 1958 Plymouth Belvedere’s carburetor from an old piece of cardboard is a typical job for an auto mechanic’s apprentice in Cuba, where parts for American cars that were stranded on the island since 1960 are almost impossible to come by. Cuban mechanics have all acquired and perfected unique skills ever since the embargo was implemented by the U.S. in retaliation for Cuba’s nationalization of American-owned oil refineries. Now, talk of the embargo being lifted has buoyed the hopes of many U.S. auto parts companies that sell after-market parts, and U.S. classic car buffs are salivating at the chance to acquire classic Fords, Buicks, Oldsmobiles, and Cadillacs in ready-to-restore condition.

But not so fast…

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A REALLY Useful Tool - ACE


I’m at the point in teaching my 16-year-old daughter to drive that we’re now out on highways, making the long drives to practice staying in lanes, merging onto expressways, and staying within the speed limit, so we have time to talk a little about things other than watching out for bicyclists and what to do if a squirrel jumps out in front of you (bye, bye squirrel). Lately, we’ve been chatting about TV shows she used to watch when she was little – Teletubbies, Zoboomafoo, and, a perennial favorite, Thomas the Tank Engine. Sir Topham Hatt, the director of the railway, reserves his highest praise for the trains in very unique situations, such as pulling a load of school children up a steep hill, or helping a larger engine push an extremely heavy load of coal. At the conclusion of the episode, he would intone, “You are a Really Useful Engine.”

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