Maureen Vick

Maureen Vick
Maureen joined the Tradewin team in July of 2012. Prior to that she worked for Expeditors for close to 15 years, and has over 21 years’ experience in the global logistics industry. During her tenure at Expeditors, she was the Air and Ocean Export Manager at the Charleston, S.C. branch. In 2003 Maureen became one of the first designated Export Compliance Officers at Expeditors. Beginning in August of 2005, Maureen joined the Corporate Training group, where she spent five years training U.S. Export Compliance and other regulatory compliance related courses.

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The Dreaded Routed Transaction

Routed TransactionIn my former life as an export agent, I dreaded getting calls from a supplier who was shipping under a “Routed Transaction.” In most cases, the supplier would insist that they did not have any obligations to provide any information. They thought that when the terms were Ex Works (EXW), they could say “we fulfilled our obligations; please pick up the freight.”

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