Voluntary Disclosures in Australia: Demonstrating Your Efforts

Voluntary Disclosures in AUS

In October 2016, the then Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) in Australia published DIBPN 2016/35, Voluntary Disclosures under Section 243T and Section 243U Customs Act 1901 (Cth). In this notice, DIBP, now the Department of Home Affairs (DHA), highlighted their commitment to working with the industry to encourage higher levels of voluntary compliance by providing increased transparency to the regulatory trade environment.

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The UK’s Brexit Negotiation Position

Brexit header

On July 12th, the UK government published a whitepaper specifying broadly their proposal for a post-Brexit relationship with the European Union. This much-anticipated document outlines the UK Government’s best-case scenario on customs and trade policy after the separation. The below details reflect the UK Government’s desired outcome, not the final agreement between the UK and EU.

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Section 301 Update


U.S. Customs and Border Protection has been instructed to begin collecting Section 301 duties on 818 products of China origin at the rate of 25% effective July 6th.

The total value of the targeted goods is $50 billion.

List 1, which was implemented on July 6th, is valued at $34 billion and the second list of products is expected to hit importers once the comment period ends.  List 2 is valued at approximately $16 billion. 

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Preparing for Brexit: A New Customs and Trading Environment

Brexit for Tradelane

This week we feature guest author Alan Owen, Director of Customs Services, Europe at Expeditors, Tradewin's parent company

Speculation continues as to “what sort of a deal” will be struck between the European Union and the United Kingdom with regards to trade in goods and customs matters in a post Brexit environment.

Recent advances in the negotiation process have allowed both the United Kingdom and the European Union to move to the next phase, which will be to start discussing a future trading and customs environment and the implementation of the transitional period.

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GST Out, Sales and Service Tax In (Again): What To Look Out For In Malaysia

Malaysia GST-5

It is probably not an exaggeration to say that the results of the Malaysian General elections in May of this year took nearly everyone by surprise... But with a Trump-Kim meeting happening, four time champions Italy not making the FIFA World Cup, and Loki actually dying in an Avengers movie, is there anything that really surprises anyone anymore?

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