Noel Chow

Noel joined Tradewin from a major US multinational where he was a key member of the APAC global trade compliance team in Singapore. He brings with him a combined 10 years of industry and consulting experience in trade, customs and transfer pricing having previously worked with a diverse clientele across industry groups as a consultant with the Big 4. He holds a law degree from the University of London and a Masters in International Law from the University of Malaya researching WTO law. His academic works in the area of WTO law have been published in peer reviewed law journals.

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Spotlight on Southeast Asia

Same Same-1

As I sat along the streets of Hanoi one winter morning in January, observing the patrons at surrounding tables over a bowl of phở, I couldn’t help but notice a familiar sight. From the fragrant yellow teas in Vietnam to the thick sweet milk varieties of Bangkok and Jakarta, same same – to borrow a popular Thai catchphrase, communal tea drinking seems to be the common thread binding 600 million inhabitants who call Southeast Asia (“SEA”) home.

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GST Out, Sales and Service Tax In (Again): What To Look Out For In Malaysia

Malaysia GST-5

It is probably not an exaggeration to say that the results of the Malaysian General elections in May of this year took nearly everyone by surprise... But with a Trump-Kim meeting happening, four time champions Italy not making the FIFA World Cup, and Loki actually dying in an Avengers movie, is there anything that really surprises anyone anymore?

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A Cleaner, Greener Future. What Does This Entail for Trade In Asia?

A Cleaner, Greener Future. What Does This Entail for Trade In Asia2.jpg

With the Brexit in full motion, the Britons should never have to worry about the infamous Euro-sausage ever becoming a threat to the English banger again. That should put many an Englishman at ease (watch the 1984 Christmas Special of the BBC’s “Yes Minister” if you are pondering the origin of this joke). The prospect of losing the liberty to fill up at the gas station though, is probably less of a laughing matter, especially if petrol and diesel powered vehicles have been a way of life for at least the last 60 years if not longer.

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Understanding Product Descriptions in APAC

A Rose By Any Other Name2.jpg

A Rose by Any Other Name, or The Lack Thereof

For Shakespeare, a rose by any other name would smell as sweet; perhaps for lovers too. This, though, isn’t a love most customs authorities share, and for good reason.  Unfortunately, most businesses find themselves so heavily tied up with the “big ticket items” on the trade compliance pyramid that prioritising quality trade descriptions often becomes an afterthought.

Not to be downplayed, countries like the Philippines have strict customs rules regulating goods description where importers potentially face criminal sanctions and customs brokers risk suspension of their licenses for the offense of insufficient goods description on customs entry documents.

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