Noel Chow

Noel manages our regional projects and initiatives in Asia. He recently joined Tradewin from Apple where he was a key member of the APAC global trade compliance team in Singapore. Noel has also previously worked in the customs and trade practice of a Big 4 consulting firm in Malaysia. His portfolios and clientele have been diverse and he brings with him a blend of industry and consulting experience in trade compliance management across multiple business sectors. He holds a law degree from the University of London and a masters degree in Public International Law from the University of Malaya.

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Understanding Product Descriptions in APAC

Posted by Noel Chow

7/25/17 7:03 AM

A Rose By Any Other Name2.jpg

A Rose by Any Other Name, or The Lack Thereof

For Shakespeare, a rose by any other name would smell as sweet; perhaps for lovers too. This, though, isn’t a love most customs authorities share, and for good reason.  Unfortunately, most businesses find themselves so heavily tied up with the “big ticket items” on the trade compliance pyramid that prioritising quality trade descriptions often becomes an afterthought.

Not to be downplayed, countries like the Philippines have strict customs rules regulating goods description where importers potentially face criminal sanctions and customs brokers risk suspension of their licenses for the offense of insufficient goods description on customs entry documents.