Don’t Throw the Baby Out With the Bathwater: Benefits of Free Trade

Posted by Shawn Madgwick, Lead Consultant

12/1/16 11:45 AM

113016-freetrade-2.pngRecently there have been a lot of headlines about who will do what when it comes to trade. In the U.S. a big piece of the recent election turned to “protection” of industries, workers, etc. In fairness, I’m a free trade kinda guy. It directly pays my salary. I’m willing to bet there are a number of people who don’t realize their salary, in part at least, is also subject to free trade.

Free trade agreements don’t just work for goods that cross borders, they also play in a lot of other arenas. For instance, the service sector, which includes remediation of disputes, human rights, fair labor standards and practices.

Ever wonder why we haven’t had any “major” conflicts in the past 70 odd years? Trade in general and free trade specifically have a lot to do with it. Why would you want to go to war with your biggest customers?


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The Dreaded Routed Transaction

Posted by Maureen Vick

11/18/16 10:17 AM

Routed TransactionIn my former life as an export agent, I dreaded getting calls from a supplier who was shipping under a “Routed Transaction.” In most cases, the supplier would insist that they did not have any obligations to provide any information. They thought that when the terms were Ex Works (EXW), they could say “we fulfilled our obligations; please pick up the freight.”

From there, I would then need to explain who the US Principal Party in Interest (USPPI) is, what its obligations were under the Foreign Trade Regulations (FTR), and how that is different from the Export Administration Regulations (EAR). It was a good day when the supplier had heard of either set of regulations.

Granted the FTR and EAR can be confusing when it comes to Routed Transactions, but here are few things to keep in mind that may help.


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Election Reaction

Posted by Michael Bellezza

11/9/16 6:04 PM

110916-Election Reaction.png

It seems hard to believe that it is November already and the holidays are just around the corner. I awoke this morning to the fresh news of Donald Trump’s somewhat surprising victory despite polls and “experts” leading us to believe the opposite.  I thought it would be a good place to start for my quarterly post. 


Changes to CBP’s Entry Reconciliation Program

Posted by Jeff Trimble

10/21/16 1:58 PM

ACE Recon

While I was in college, there were a few great gifts. Snow days and deadlines extended by my professors. For those that are involved with Drawback and Reconciliation entries, it’s time to get giddy. 

Get a start on the New Year by gaining an understanding of the upcoming changes.

In our continuing efforts to prepare the trade community for the significant changes Customs Border and Protection (CBP) is enacting for Reconciliation entries, we offer this blog with updated information.


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Our Thing in Asia: Complex Compliance

Posted by Shafiqah Abdul Samat

10/14/16 1:43 PM

Asia Compliance

I’ve just joined Tradewin Asia from a large European industrial and consumer company where I was responsible for regional Asia trade compliance.  Almost every week, I would receive emails or telephone calls which required immediate attention. Common inquiries included: “URGENT! Cargo stuck at port!”; “No FORM D/E”; “The business is asking why we have to pay extra duties now.”; “Why nobody is telling us we need special licenses?”

Those were the days, when we didn’t have any compliance regime in place. No internal trade policies or standards, and everyone was doing whatever they felt was right. Norms and bad habits just continued on. Occasionally, I was praised for implementing good practices. Sound familiar?


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