Voluntary Disclosures in Australia - Demonstrating Your Efforts

Posted by Ryan Ingall

1/13/17 10:33 AM


The Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) in Australia recently published DIBPN 2016/35, Voluntary Disclosures under Section 243T and Section 243U Customs Act 1901. In this notice, DIBP highlighted their commitment to working with industry to encourage higher levels of voluntary compliance by providing increased transparency to the regulatory trade environment.

A voluntary disclosure is the communication of a written notice of an error, omission or adjustment in statements made to DIBP. If you make such disclosures voluntarily, before DIBP instigates any queries or proceedings, you will likely be protected from penalties that would otherwise be imposed.


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"The Right" HS Code – Classification in Asia

Posted by Shafiqah Abdul Samat

1/6/17 10:34 AM

010517-The Right HS Code – Classification in Asia.png

This is one of those scenario’s we see all the time:

Asia Customs Broker: Hello, Mr. Ahmad, we are sorry. The customs documentation cannot be completed because we are missing the HS codes. Can you provide us with the correct one so that we can proceed with the permit application and import declaration, please?

Logistics Employee:Can’t you check our previous shipments? This is not the first time we have imported similar materials into our warehouse! You should have all the details!


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Heads up! CBSA is Stepping up Export Rules Enforcement

Posted by Rob Moore

12/21/16 9:00 AM

121516-CBSA is Stepping up Export Rules Enforcement.png

If you grew up as a suburban, middle-class kid in Canada like I did, you probably had some household chores that you were responsible for. One of mine was taking out the trash every week. I’d collect it up and get it ready to put out by the curb. I’d ask my Dad if there was anything else. He would suggest I roll my old car down to see if they would take it. Once it left the end of my driveway, I never gave it a second, though. Our trash, not my car. 

Was it bad for the environment? Could it cause harm to someone else? Could it be used to make a bomb? Ok, maybe a little dramatic.


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Trade & President-elect Trump

Posted by Philip M. Coughlin

12/16/16 12:56 PM

There seems to be a lot of chicken littles out there shouting that Trade is “falling”.

There seems to be a lot of chicken littles out there shouting that Trade is “falling”. The hyperbole and rhetoric during the campaign likely awoke and frightened the trade chicken littles.

Global Trade and the underlying “deals” are not single looped knots in a child’s shoe, which can be undone with a single pull of a loose end. They are more akin to a Gordian knot which are difficult to undo and when trying to unravel often lead to unintended consequences.


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Australian Compliance Update: What You Need to Know

Posted by Marko Vuksanovic

12/8/16 11:09 AM

australia compliance update

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… an Aussie Christmas with sunny skies, blistering heat, packed beaches and rapidly depreciating personal bank accounts. But if that’s not enough to get you excited, there is, of course, the recently released Goods Compliance Update (“The Update”) from the Australian Border Force (“ABF”).

The Update aims to highlight pertinent issues identified by the ABF, compliance areas of focus, and provides some statistics on the Compliance Programme results for the 2015/2016 Financial year. I’ll reiterate that second point - the ABF highlight the compliance areas of focus, hence if your activities fall within these areas it is recommended that you assess, and if appropriate address, any risks.


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